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Running across rooftops wasn't so hard when the gaps were at most half a foot across, thought Code. He didn't have to worry about blending in as a non-Elite here, when all of his Pokemon were in their balls and there weren't any other people around. And none of the rampaging Steel-types could fly, with the exception of maybe Skarmory (though they weren't usually afflictrd by the strange madness. ) Code stopped at the edge of the top of a large brick building when his Xtransceiver buzzed.
"Blue? Sorry, can't talk to much right now. Right now I'm..." he paused, acutely aware that the Champion of Kanto could see him through the camera. "...busy" he finished, and ended the call. Crap. Why'd it have to be now? It's lunchtime and I thought I'd eat some.

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