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The Champions turned their heads simultaneously as Mohac entered the room, without a word. "Glad you could join us," Blue said with a sneer. Mohac brushed hair from his eyes. He needed not speak, for Blue knew very well what he was conveying. "Code blew me off, and Freya... I don't know where the hell she is. The others, I haven't contacted." Politely, he gestured at one of the many empty chairs. "Have a seat while you wait." Obediently, he settled into the glass chair. Cynthia groaned. "I don't know what's taking them so long- don't they know we have a crisis at hand?" Alder closed his eyes. "Calm your self, Cynthia. They are only human. Perhaps they have other things to do," he reasoned. Steven cleared his throat. "But surely they have not more important things to do. The very fate of the planet is at stake, I'm sure they know," he added. "Only time can tell," Wallace concluded. "Sitting and complaining about it... solves nothing. I recommend we sit tight and wait for them to arrive rather than bug ourselves about it." Those sage words were enough, for the Champions began small talk and put the conflict behind them. All but Mohac, who knew exactly where they both were- but kept the secret.
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