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Default Re: The Power of Six

Freya and Sabrina entered the brand new cafe that opened not too long ago in Saffron. They sat down and waited for the waitress to come and take their order. Sabrina placed her order, and looked at Freya. Freya looked through her phone and noticed she had several missed calls. "Sorry, sis, I gotta call someone," she said to Sabrina. "I'll have the same thing as her, thanks." she said as she turned to the waitress. She got up and went to the corner of the store. She tried calling the caller who's calls she missed. Instead, she got the answering machine. Sup, this is Blue. Sorry, I can't answer your calls. Leave a message. Thanks and smell ya later.
"Dangit." she said under her breath. There was another missed call, which was a different number. She then tried calling that number, but again, an answering machine. Hello, this is Cynthia. I must apologize, as i cannot answer your call. Leave a message and I'll try to answer it as soon as possible.
"Ugh." Freya said. She gave up and went back to her seat.
"Hey, what was that all about?" Sabrina asked.
"Oh nothing." she replied as their food came out.
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