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Jayden and Sophia had been in Oldale Town visiting her family last week when she simply disappeared. He knew that her disappearence was connected to the strange phenomena that's been happening lately. Jayden, not knowing what else to do, consulted a psychic.
"What do you see?" I asked.
"There's a young woman with an unusually colored Shedinja. She looks so strange...almost like she isn't really there.."
Mrs.James, the psychic, replied.
"Can you see anything else?" I asked.
"You're in terrible danger...I don't know what happened...but someone's been murdered. Someone you never wanted to see again...she's back..." She finished.
Then I realized who she was talking about and almost fainted from shock.
"Are you alright?" Mrs.James asked me.
"I'm fine. Thank you for helping me." I replied. Then my phone rang. I answered it.
"Hello?" I said.
"Hey Jayden. The Champion Society wants you to go see them. It's about the wierd stuff. Peace." Blue said before he hung up. I thanked Mrs.James and left.
Kai was here.Just sayin'.
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