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"Alright," Blue said, swinging his arms around and clapping his hands behind his back. "I finally contacted Freya." He had a victorious smile on his face. "As well as Jayden and Alessa." Wallace shrugged. "True as that may be, they're yet to arrive. All we can do is wait."
Everyone returned to their casual chat. Mohac sat quiet in his chair as usual, when he started screaming. Everyone turned their heads to face him as he had an episode. "Mohac! Mohac, what's your problem?" He put his long, bony fingers to his forehead and screamed in pain. He was having another psychic attack.
"What do you see, Mohac?" Blue asked. Then he blacked out.


"...I'm next." It was not long after that statement that it happened. A small, hardly noticeable tremor began to shake the cafe. It slowly grew more intense, until eventually people were being flung into the air, holding tight to their Pokemon as havoc wreaked. Then the ground split open into an enormous fissure, a huge creature flying from it. "META!" It screamed. It landed nimbly on its four legs, roaring something terrible. The tremor came to a halt, making way for a greater threat.
It teared around, destroying the building and impaling people with its mighty arms. Then it paused. It began to cry. What was wrong with the Metagross? And why did he have this vision in the first place? The answer came quickly- the crisis affected the poor spider. As for the vision's purpose- his eye caught Freya, Sabrina, and Alessa.
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