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Default [OR/AS] ORAS Progress

Now that the games are out (in everywhere but Europe anyway) it's time for a general ORAS thread in the Main Series subforum. So, post your progress, preliminary thoughts, teams, etc. here.

My thoughts:
-SHINY WHISMUR this is perf because I was planning on using an Exploud anyway
-DexNav is the best damn thing that's ever existed
-I'm glad Pokémon Amie is back but I'm like weehh now I want to actually use it but it sucks up so much time I could be using to EXPLORE
-dat intro
-the music is excellently done
-I still don't like Brendan but I do appreciate that he's no longer profoundly useless

Current team: Torchic, shiny Whismur, Shroomish, Taillow, Ralts. I waffled on potential teams for a long time before deciding on this (plus Electrike). Future playthroughs will use absolutely everything else though haha
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