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Default Re: [OR/AS] ORAS Progress

Just got Alpha Sapphire today and have just beaten Brawly! Just little notes regarding my progression.

* Got a FEMALE Mudkip, I almost never get female starters!

* The music is pretty nice, I especially love the Littleroot Town and Trainer themes.

* Sneaking up on Pokémon with moves it normally shouldn't have is pretty cool!

* No trainer customization is BS. I don't care if it makes Kalos unique, that's a cop-out if I ever heard one.

* On the plus side, Pokémon-Amie is still here! And I still love it. :3

* Roxanne may be the most boring Gym Leader of them all. It amazes me just how little of a personality she has.

* The guy on the dev team who decided to lower the levels of Brawly's Pokémon, you da real MVP.

* Most people may hate him, but I wish Scott was in the remakes. I miss him. ;_;

* The Trendy House is nowhere near as entertaining as it used to be. Marriland's totally going to be disappointed that BIG SERVICE won't make a comeback. D:

* Training a Slakoth is TERRIBLE. Every battle takes forever, and GOD HELP YOU if your opponent lowers your attack/raises it's defense/lowers your accuracy... and it's even worse that Truant can no longer be cheesed by using an item during the turn your Pokémon loafs around. Oh well, I at least know Slaking will be worth it in the end...

So in the end, my team is as follows:

Cass the Marshtomp (Female, Lv. 17)
Lazy Kong the Slakoth (Female, Lv. 14)
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