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Default Re: [OR/AS] ORAS Progress

Originally Posted by Professor Wesker View Post
* Roxanne may be the most boring Gym Leader of them all. It amazes me just how little of a personality she has.
I don't really see how she has any less of a personality than pretty much most other gym leaders.

what I'm doing/thinking now
I'm in Sea Mauville.
Lois and Hal make a return.

There's apparently a "Hi Skitty" doll. Did you know that it isn't actually a Skitty but is based off of a schoolgirl whose name is Skitty?

In room 2 there were a couple of girls who were surprised you got in because they locked the door. One of them is blushing. I call yuri on that.

I'm really liking all of the things you can read in this place. It really expands the world, I'm glad they used the abandoned ship which was pretty un-noteworthy in the originals and used it to do this. Apparently Cozmo's parents didn't like each other and Wattson used to work for the company who owned Mauville and is somehow a traitor?
I suppose it's a bit inconsiderate of the people who maintain the place as a nature reserve to let anyone just come in and read ex-employee's personal stuff.

I'm curious as to what this "infinite energy" stuff is.

I like the idea that Mauville the city used to belong to a company. To be honest I don't like Mauville's new look all that much. It's nice on the inside but I expect it's an eyesore from the outside. But it being owned by a company sort of explains that. A city that square and entirely inside one building wouldn't arise naturally.
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