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Default Re: [OR/AS] ORAS Progress

My Alpha Sapphire came today, even though I preordered it for release day but yeah this is ok too I guess

My lord the nostalgia trip. The Hoenn games have always been most special to me, since gen III was the first one I ever played completely blind, and so far it's looking like a pretty awesome reconstruction. Started with Torchic, which was a gril, and thus (I think) the first female starter I've ever gotten. Spent a good hour playing with the DexNav on Route 102; seems like a pretty fun feature, but I haven't really bothered trying to get anything with decent egg moves or hidden abilities or anything. I picked up a Lotad (w/ Teeter Dance because why not) and a Ralts and moved on.

Got the first two badges and quit at Slateport with a team of Combusken/lv17/F, Ralts/lv15/F and Lombre/lv15/M. I'm planning on picking up a Flygon ultimately but other than that no real plans for a team beyond those three.

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