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Default Re: Eifie vs. Sandstone Shadow

=Round Two=

Rayfa (F) @Soothe Bell
Health: 70% | Energy: 89%
Ability: Anticipation
Status: Normal. | Mood: “Insolent Barbed Head!”
Commands: Yawn ~ Skull Bash (one action) / Hyper Voice ~ Work Up / Body Slam

Pertina(F) @Lucky Egg
Health: 74% | Energy: 88%
Ability: Swift Swim (activated)
Status: Normal. | Mood: Tired, but ready for more.
Commands: Rain Dance / Smokescreen ~ Surf / Dragon Pulse / Smokescreen ~ Water Pulse / Dragon Breath / Smokescreen

Pertina looks to the sky and produces billowing white clouds from her snout. She twirls about gracefully around the pool, the clouds contorting with her. Soon enough, a dreary gray blankets the skies above the stadium, and a downpour roars down from the heavens. Rayfa scoffs. That’s it? A little water show? It will hardly faze Her Benevolence!, she thinks as her fur becomes progressively more drenched. She opens her mouth and yawns a very loud and royal lawn. The audience would have been amazed at how regal the yawn was, but they, too, are yawning. Meanwhile, in the pool, a sudden drowsiness came over Pertina.

It’s probably nothing, right? She dispels the notion by shaking her head. Instead, she concentrates on the pool. Soon, the surface of the pool bubbles and a massive wave erupts, Pertina happily whinnying at its top. The crowd screams in approval as the attack slams into Rayfa with full force. However, once the tsunami subsides, Pertina lays flopping on the stadium ground. The Eevee coughed and spat out some water. After refluffing herself, she runs around in a circle, building up momentum. She charges at Pertina, her head ramming the Horsea’s yellow midsection, knocking her target even farther away from the pool. Once Pertina hits the ground, she… falls asleep? Fits of flopping seize her from time to time, but she lays prone for now.

Pleased with her results, Rayfa prances around the arena, a faint red aura glowing around her. The riled-up crowd screams in conjunction with her cries, as chants glorifying Khura’in and Her Benevolence resound throughout the stadium. However, Pertina, sleeps peacefully through all of this.

=End of Round Two=

Rayfa (F) @Soothe Bell
Health: 59% | Energy: 73%
Ability: Anticipation
Status: +1 Attack, +1 Special Attack | Mood: Sticking out her very fluffy chestfluff.
Commands: Yawn ~ Skull Bash (one action) ~ Work Up

Pertina(F) @Lucky Egg
Health: 58% | Energy: 80%
Ability: Swift Swim
Status: Asleep (5% chance of waking up next action). 1 action away from the pool. | Mood: Squirming, but asleep.
Commands: Rain Dance ~ Surf ~ asleep


Action 1:
-Rain Dance: 5-1 (STAB)= 4% energy consumed.
-Yawn: 4-1 (STAB)= 3% energy consumed
-Totals: Pertina consumed 4% energy, Rayfa consumed 3% energy.
Action 2:
-Surf: 9+2+25=11% damage inflicted, 5-1 (STAB) = 4% energy consumed, accuracy roll 40 (hit), crit roll 63 (no crit).
-Skull Bash: 13+3.25 (stab)=16% damage inflicted, 11-1 (stab)=10% energy consumed, accuracy roll 77 (hit), crit roll 9 (no crit).
-Totals: Pertina took 16% damage and consumed 4% energy, Rayfa took 11% damage and consumed 10% energy.

Action 3:
- Work Up: 2% energy consumed.
-Totals: Rayfa consumed 2% energy.

Grand Totals:
Rayfa: 70%-11%=59% health, 89%-16%=73% energy.
Pertina: 74%-16%=58% health, 88%-8%=80% energy

Ref Notes:
-Sorry I took so long again. I promise I’ll be on the ball more next round!
-I decided to roll if Pertina would flop back into the pool or not by the end of the action. 50/50 chance. Rolled 91, so she didn’t. Since Pertina is aquatic and her instinct (even when asleep) is to return to the water, every action she will get one action closer to the pool.
-Eifie next.



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