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Default Re: Help on putting a gimmick on a site?

Originally Posted by technosexual View Post
Why would anyone want to read about how if you talk to Bill 600 times and then press ABABAABABABA you'll get some Pokemon that doesn't exist, knowing upfront that it isn't true?
...I would.
The Cave of Dragonflies is a great site, and it has a fake cheats page. These are quite entertaining/amusing for me, personally. It's all opinion though.

EDIT: But don't use overused ones or versions of them like:
Get Mew (1)

First, get six level 100 Pokémon in your party. Make sure they are all final-form Pokémon. Then, teach them all Strength. Go to the truck by S.S Anne and make all of your Pokémon use Strength in turn. Then push the truck and Mew will be there!
Make up your own clever gimmicky ones, such as:
Make the Townspeople of Goldenrod flee from a giant Aipom

First, obtain an Aipom. Raise it to level 100 without it getting KO'd. Breed the Aipom with a Steelix. Even if the Aipom is a boy, they baby will be a giant Aipom. Go to Goldenrod. Release the giant Aipom. Go outside, and there will be crushed buildings. The giant Aipom did this. Goldenrod is destroyed. If you want to save Goldenrod, you need to find the Giant Aipom in the wild, and make it faint within a month. If you do this, Goldenrod will be saved and have an underground city called New Goldenrod. Wattson from R/S is helping them get electricity down in New Goldenrod. Down in New Goldenrod, there are a lot of Voltorb and Electrode. There are also Teleporters that go to all of the places in Kanto or Jonto you have never been before.
Those are both from TCoD main site. But remember to put in huge letters that they're fake, otherwise (as technosexual said) they will get very pissed off.
Originally Posted by Qvalador View Post
Sometimes I name them terrible things. I needed to breed my Tyranitar to get a Larvitar, but it was male, so I went and caught a female Pupitar and named it Babymomma.

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