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Default Vipera Magnifica and Lord of the Fireflies vs Superbird and Ether's Bane

Format: 2+2 vs 2+2 doubles
Style: Set
DQ: One week
Damage Cap: 35%
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKOs, Destiny Bond, Pain Split, Direct Recovery (except during break time), Chills limited to 3 per Pokémon
Arena Description: Team-building Exercises

The arena takes place in a stereotypical corporate office setting. The cubicle walls have been removed, and computer desks covered in financial reports and stock portfolios have been pushed aside to make room for a Pokémon battle. The walls are covered in pie charts and motivational posters, and on some desks are little trinkets and house plants.

Water from the water coolers is available for attacks that need a water source, and the indoor plants can be used for attacks that require plants, dirt, or rocks. The weather, however, cannot be affected inside the office building.

Any time both teammates use a move of the same type during an action, they increase their "synergy" and their critical hit domains will increase by one. This can only occur once per round.

Every fifth round is union mandated break time. Battlers will make their way to the break room where they can chat around the water cooler, drink coffee, and eat snacks from the company fridge. During this round, only self-targeting moves and moves that affect allies can be used. The move Snatch will not steal opponents' moves. Battlers can also use an action to eat a sandwich from the company fridge, restoring 5% health at the cost of no energy.
Vipera Magnifica and Lord of the Fireflies vs Superbird and Ether's Bane

Team 1

Vipera Magnifica's active squad

mienfoo Violent Mustelid the male Mienfoo <Regenerator> @ Bright Powder
buizel Finbarr Galedeep the male Buizel <Swift Swim> @ Leftovers
venipede Vile Myriapoda the female Venipede <Swarm> @ Black Sludge
scraggy Litah Alphyne the female Scraggy <Shed Skin> @ Life Orb
litwick Calcifer the male Litwick <Flame Body> @ Eviolite
eelektross Faraday the male Eelektross <Levitate> @ Magnet
larvitar Orestes the male Larvitar <Guts> @ Lucky Egg
squirtle Super Smile Kevin the male Squirtle <Rain Dish> @ Shell Bell
sableye Rhinestone Eyes the female Sableye <Keen Eye> @ Sachet
metang Metal Gear ROSS the genderless Metang <Clear Body> @ Lucky Egg

Lord of the Fireflies's active squad

mawile Alice in Chain Chomps the female Mawile <Intimidate> @ Sachet
croagunk Hook of the Infect Boglands the male Croagunk <Anticipation> @ Sitrus Berry
kirlia Thybault Dullblade the male Kirlia <Trace> @ Dawn Stone
accelgor Jules Vernfield the male Accelgor <Hydration> @ Electirizer
klefki Keyrielle Phlebotinum the female Klefki <Prankster> @ Red Card
chinchou Elegraff from Plastic Beaches the female Chinchou <Volt Absorb> @ Wise Glasses
sneasel Mia Rhinestone the female Sneasel <Inner Focus> @ Razor Claw
cleffa Morning Cello the female Cleffa <Magic Guard> @ Soothe Bell
joltik Jumping Willow the female Joltik <Compound Eyes> @ Eviolite
porygon Finn the genderless Porygon <Trace> @ Up-Grade

Team 2

Superbird's active squad

graveler Gorouna the female Graveler <Sturdy> @ Eviolite
togepi Jonathan the male Togepi <Serene Grace> @ Soothe Bell
poochyena Amaterasu the female Poochyena <Quick Feet> @ Expert Belt
rufflet Megabird the male Rufflet <Sheer Force> @ Lucky Egg
taillow Wicket the male Taillow <Guts> @ Eviolite
quilladin Bill the male Quilladin <Bulletproof> @ Shell Bell
luvdisc Lotta the male Luvdisc <Hydration> @ Bright Powder
wailmer Effie the female Wailmer <Oblivious> @ Leftovers
prinplup Agnes the female Prinplup <Defiant> @ Lucky Egg
snorunt Leland the male Snorunt <Moody> @ Leftovers

Ether's Bane's active squad

skarmory Milenko the male Skarmory <Sturdy> @ Rocky Helmet
spiritomb Voyde the female Spiritomb <Pressure>
miltank Cyrix the female Miltank <Scrappy> @ Leftovers
durant Gulch the male Durant <Swarm> @ Life Orb
drilbur Rift the female Drilbur <Sand Rush>
sableye Karliah the female Sableye <Keen Eye>
chespin Viskran the male Chespin <Overgrow>
rotom-wash Xiao8 the genderless Rotom (Wash Rotom) <Levitate> @ Leftovers
cyndaquil BurNIng the male Cyndaquil <Flash Fire>
hawlucha Mkhitaryan the female Hawlucha <Unburden> @ Sitrus Berry

How it happens:
- Team 2 sends out
- Team 1 sends out and commands
- Team 2 commands

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