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Originally Posted by Mai View Post
It doesn't give you an edge as it is, though? Taking an action to burn or poison an opponent is a waste of time. It makes you less likely to win the game if you're using an action to inflict it.
That's... not true... o_o I use burn and it hasn't ruined my battles... You just gotta choose when to do it ??? You sound like you've calculated this numerically somehow but burn status doesn't just inflict damage it /lessens/ damage like having a permanent reflect up so. It is definitely worth it?

25% chance of not doing anything is a significant chance! Especially when it. Lingers. For eight or so rounds. Paralysis haxing speed is fine, because yes, that's what it's meant to do, but it shouldn't do everything forever/for eight rounds. Paralysis is the status that can win you the game.
Who actually refs para as lasting severe for 8 rounds though ??

It would start as weaker, though. Than 6% poison.
6% is too much though!! Just because you want to use regular poison doesn't mean it should inflict that much damage! That's A LOT of damage to take, seriously, that's 12% every two rounds, that's just too much. I think you're being very subjective on this matter. One person wanting to use regular poison does not mean it should become so strong when it's /meant/ to be weak.

Status should definitely not go over caps; that makes them a lot more difficult to assess. It's already curse's niche that everything it does bypasses the cap, anyway.
I think status definitely should go over caps ?_? So what if it's curse's 'niche'? It makes more sense and it'd solve this whole issue of status not being good enough.
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