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Default Re: Cynder vs. Kratos Aurion

Cynder (Oo)
Quillian (m) <Blaze> @ Scope Lens
Health: 76%
Energy: 88%
Currently: Determined to keep up the heat.
Commands: Extrasensory / Work Up / Sleep Talk x3

Kratos Aurion (Oo)
Wizard (m) <Blaze> @ Lucky Egg
Health: 85%
Energy: 85%
Currently: Cramping but still confident. -1 Special Attack. Severely paralyzed (25% failure chance, 25% speed, 3% more energy for movement; lightens to moderate in 3 successful actions).
Commands: Substitute 20% ~ Hidden Power/Substitute 20% ~ Hypnosis/Substitute 20%

Field Notes
- Movement order: Quillian (65) > Wizard (15).

Round 2

Quillian smirks as another convulsion racks Wizard's hind legs. There'll be no more brain trickery or Psychic stuff from that pesky fox now! Perhaps he should take a page from that book, he muses — yes, something Psychic would be what to inflict upon his foe… and his trainer's thought of just the thing. Recalling a training session with his Vulpix teammate, Quillian closes his eyes, projecting an insidious flicker of faintly pink energy toward his unwitting foe. A moment of concentration, and the flicker blooms to envelop Wizard, bombarding him with a series of disconcerting sensations in quick succession. Static and haze muddle the Fennekin's field of view, eerie tones and deafening shrieks fill his ears, and even the roughness of the ground under his feet seems numbed in one instant and magnified the next.

Quillian snickers, but Wizard doesn't hear him — insensate and directionless, he sways and then topples over, but doesn't realize that he has until the illusions wink out of existence, one by one. Snarling, he flicks his tail, as though it could sweep away the unpleasant prickling sensation left in the aftermath of Quillian's offensive, but the worst of the pain soon fades. Focusing from his half-prone position, Wizard selects a suitably large pile of dark gray rocks nearby and breathes a long spout of flame into its center. The fire lingers unnaturally, shrouding the stones for a moment; then, in a whirl of dust, they spring up and rearrange themselves into a clumsy gravel mimicry of the Fennekin's form.

As it totters to guard its creator, Wizard's Substitute looks the part of the volcano: a gray shell of scorched rock, surrounding a magmalike core of reddish energy that bubbles and swells as the doll moves. Quillian gives a hmph, unimpressed: Wizard's just made him another target to attack. With a flare from his back and a flourish of his arms, Quillian locks onto his new punching bag's unique energy signature, nearly identical to Wizard's, and starts his attack. The Substitute leaps away, but is stopped in midair as an invisible force tears chunk after chunk of rock from its side and tail. When Quillian's Psychic grip sets it down, it's nearly tail-less but still, to his chagrin, more than able to stand.

Almost immediately, a ball of something unpleasantly wet comes sailing at Quillian, catching him off guard — behind his Substitute, it seems, Wizard's been preparing an attack. Wizard smirks and lobs another few orbs at Quillian with his snout; each fizzing sphere shifts in color as it homes in on Quillian's face, settling on a pale aqua as they splash him. They leave a spray of what Wizard figures is water nearby, but who knows where he got that from; Hidden Power works in mysterious ways. The Cyndaquil scowls and tries to dodge the next few hits, but they all fly true, leaving him drenched and shivering.

Quillian hisses with pain and tries to brush off some lingering droplets on his side (eugh, does he hate being damp.) He screws up his face with concentration again and aims another telekinetic assault at the Substitute. The mini-Fennekin tries to run, but this time Quillian sweeps its legs out from under it, spattering the ground with gouts of the fiery energy inside as most of its constituent stones are dislodged. When Quillian is done battering the Substitute this way and that, it's noticeably smaller than how it had first started, missing nearly its entire face and many of its legs, but the few rocks left quickly shift to maintain a much smaller Fennekin shape. Quillian smiles and exhales shakily, psyching himself up to finish off the Substitute in the next round — he barely notices Wizard across from him, growling as he tries and fails to mesmerize him into sleep.

Cynder (Oo)
Quillian (m) <Blaze> @ Scope Lens
Health: 68%
Energy: 76%
Currently: Soaked; optimistic.
Used: Extrasensory ~ Extrasensory ~ Extrasensory

Kratos Aurion (Oo)
Wizard (m) <Blaze> @ Lucky Egg
Health: 57% (Sub: 4%)
Energy: 70%
Currently: Worrying over his injured creation. Has a substitute (4% health). -1 Special Attack. Moderately paralyzed (15% failure chance, 50% speed, 2% more energy for movement; lightens to mild in 4 successful actions). Hidden Power is Water type.
Used: Substitute (20%) ~ Hidden Power (Water) ~ Hypnosis (missed)

Field Notes
- Movement order: Quillian (65) > Wizard (30).
- Pieces of charred rock knocked from Wizard's Substitute are lying around.
- An area of ground is splattered with water.

Action Notes
- I'm sorry for how late this was! The next round will definitely come sooner.
- Fun fact: Cyndaquil gets Extrasensory when it's passed down from a Vulpix!
- I interpreted "something tricky like Protect or Double Team" as "a situation that makes Quillian unsure that he can hit Wizard," so Substitute didn't count for that.
- Wizard's Hidden Power is Water type.
- Hypnosis missed, but it wouldn't have had any effect on Quillian anyway because Cyndaquil's eyes are almost always closed. edit: Although it didn't end up mattering in this case, it's been ruled that Hypnosis would work on Cyndaquil since there's a non-visual component to the move.
- Wizard's paralysis lightened to moderate after the third action.

Quillian: 76 - 8 (Hidden Power) = 68
88 - 4 (Extrasensory) - 4 (Extrasensory) - 4 (Extrasensory) = 76

Wizard: 85 - 8 (Extrasensory) - 20 (Substitute) = 57
85 - 10 (Substitute) - 3 (Hidden Power) - 2 (Hypnosis) = 70

Wizard's Substitute: 20 - 8 (Extrasensory) - 8 (Extrasensory) = 4

Extrasensory: 8 = 8 damage. 4 = 4 energy.
Substitute: 20 damage. 20 / 2 = 10 energy.

Extrasensory: 8 = 8 damage. 4 = 4 energy.
Hidden Power Water: 6 * 1.5 - 1 = 8 damage. 3 = 3 energy.

Extrasensory: 8 = 8 damage. 4 = 4 energy.
Hypnosis: 2 = 2 energy.

Kratos Aurion commands next!

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