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Default Re: NaNoWriMo 2017

I'm going to finish writing (the first draft of) my fanfic! I'm actually just now running out of material from when I focused on it in 2015, so this is great timing, heh. There's this kind of awkward bridge section between the two parts of the story that I've written and which has been bugging me for a while; I think trying to blast straight through it is the best approach to getting it done, finally.

I'm not sure if I'm going to this year. I still am revising my novel from the past like 5 years and I really, really want to finish it, but I'm not sure how to fit it into the structure of NaNo again. Considering doing some kind of "revise x pages, write x words" hybrid, but I haven't decided how I want that to work.
FWIW when I'm working on editing I usually set myself a goal for number of lines dealt with--my text editor doesn't do pages but does number lines, so this is what's convenient for me. Editing a specific number of pages and/or writing some specific number per day might work, or maybe you could assign a word count to a page of editing and do edits some days, writing others... For me I pretty much have to be "only edit" or "only draft," so I don't think I could set a daily goal to do both, but it does work for some people!

One way or another I hope you figure something out and get to do something creative in November in addition to your job apps (with which good luck, by the way!).
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