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Default Re: NaNoWriMo 2017

(plopping this little guy here so that next year when I make another one, I can still find her~)

Okay so it's November.

I'm... gonna try both? Revising and writing new? I'm just so attached to my old story, and I have a shiny fancy custom goal tracker all set up for it... and because I love clean, trackable numbers, I don't want to mess up my actual wordcounts with things that actually aren't words, because god forbid what if my total wordcount shoots up and I forget that the "words" I wrote this year aren't actually words?! yes that would be pretty bad and actually doesn't matter at all but I care so

So. So I'm going to try both and this is almost certainly going to immediately not work. Uhhhh.

I'm also tempted to do this because my heart really isn't into starting something new right now, or really writing at all :[ so maybe this will be a good enough boost to START something new and keep going on my old project at the same time. Maybe.
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