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Default Re: A Fine Day for the Apocalypse


This was a delight! I loved seeing your interpretations of all the characters (and their chat usernames, bwahaha) and the various speculation on display. I enjoyed your characterization of Mrs. Riverstone in particular; that scene was pretty spot-on overall, but this may be one of my favorite lines:

Hopefully they wouldn't need much food or water at all--Chaletwo claimed his apocalypse would be over quickly--but she didn't trust him to know what he was talking about.
The Tyranitar scene gave me some legit feelings. Boy, all the hugs that he needs. His naďve worldview and lingering obsession with May and being stupid and weak comes through really strongly, and it's pretty heartbreaking. (This forum doesn't have censoring, by the way, so you don't need the asterisks!)

The Carl scene was deeply entertaining (although, it must be said, this is definitely not what actually happened). I loved his confidently reasonable but wildly incorrect reasoning about what's really going on and all the planning and scheming - he's such a protagonist of his own story here and it's great. I guess it was really bothering you that Leah didn't show up in chapter 75, huh?

I loved the descriptions of Letaligon finally getting to use her strength and speed, like at the League, feeling energized at the thought of fighting legendaries again - and then, of course, once again she shows up too late, when it's all over, and she's back to restless pointlessness. That was a lovely, cruel touch.

All in all, I loved reading this a lot! I was grinning pretty much throughout. Thank you for the wonderful present! I will do my best to get on with chapter 77. :D
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