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Default Re: Best Wishes is the best Pokemon Series and X/Y is the worst

Hoenn's very nostalgic to me :) It came out around when I first became a pokemon fan ^_^ So, naturally its my second favorite series, after sinnoh :3

May's really funny and cute too ^_^ And I love her ultra girly pokemon xD Its interesting, how she has a pink pokemon, and dawn doesn't, even though i think may might of been more tomboyish O.o Of all her pokemon, I like her skitty and beautifly best :3 Both are adorable, girly pokemon, and used really nice moves in the anime too^^ But her Blaziken is naturally also awesome to me xD Its a fighting type :P And its a pokemon i think looks really cool too and i used to have blaziken on my sapphire around 2004. So its a nostalgic pokemon for me too (i'd also like infernape to become nostalgic for me one day when i get around to restarting my pearl. i feel a fire/fighting type monkey suits me xD buuut....i can't get into emboar, lol, already chose oshawott on my white 2 instead anyways :P plus i think i find emboar ugly looking)
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