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Default Re: Calvinball 2019: The Days Are Just Packed

Hosting Notes

In general, I think a big issue with this unrestricted version of Calvinball Mafia is that it seems hard to effectively balance "optimal" with "fun" in making proposals. If your goal as a Calvinball player is to win, it escalates into a competition of ideas and conditionals that isn't terribly interesting - town can give themselves infinite cops, doctors, vigs, etc. but mafia can just as easily gain godfathers/conversions, strongman shots, bulletproof vests, etc., and when both sides are "overpowered" it can lead to situations that aren't really fun for either. On the other hand, if your goal is to have fun, what is fun for you might not be fun for another player, and especially not knowing your team you are more incentivized to make self-centered proposals, or ones that might confuse people trying to win. In addition, the extended nights as a result of the proposal/condition mechanic made many of the phases become tedious. In this game, I hope the ways that I balanced proposals turned out to be interesting for everyone involved!

Some hosting errors I made were not clearly stating the lack of power roles, not stating the default handling of things like phase extensions and tied lynch votes, and not consistently keeping the phase update times and notifying people of when the phase changed. I should have made these more clear in signups and throughout the game. I also mistakenly didn't reveal the flavor for Chemist or Butterfree's deaths.


Quick FAQ

Who were the mafia?
Hiikaru and Chemist1422. Hiikaru recruited Eifie on Night 1. Eifie recruited everyone else on Night 3 right before the SHEEP event.

How did X die?
  • Eifie caused her own death on Night 1 (with the stipulation that she would revive on Day 3) and again on Night 3.
  • Butterfree was killed by the mafia on Night 2.
  • qva, RedneckPhoenix, and Panini died as a result of a mafia proposal that killed everyone on the leading wagon at the end of Day 3.
  • Stryke was killed by the mafia on Night 3.

Why did everyone flip as mafia?
Chemist1422, Eifie, Hiikaru, and Stryke were actually mafia at the time of their deaths. Butterfee, qva, RedneckPhoenix, and Panini revealed as mafia despite being town because of a mafia proposal to cause their nightkill and the people who were on the leading wagon at the end of the day to flip as mafia. Everyone told the truth about who they inspected, and all inspection results were accurate.

What was the porridge?
Stryke proposed that RedneckPhoenix would be informed that he was "designated a bowl of porridge" on Night 1.

Where did the post restrictions/events come from?
  • Stryke proposed the "T" restriction.
  • qva proposed the "Olde Highe English" restriction.
  • RedneckPhoenix proposed the no gifs restriction.
  • Panini proposed the Post Bingo and Dodgeball events.
  • Eifie proposed the SHEEP event.

Will there be an actual game of mafia now?
Yes! If there is enough interest, I plan to host a Sword/Shield themed game around November. It will be either all power roles or mostly vanilla depending on playerlist size and preference. And I don't know if someone else is thinking of putting some signups up later this month, or in September or October!
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