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Default Re: The Smash Brothers Club!

Smash games are the best games. \o/

My favorite character in Smash 4 is Charizard, which is kinda weird, because he was my least favorite of the Pokemon Trainer mons in Brawl. My second favorite is probably Dedede, even though hes highly nerfed from Brawl, and I didn't like him much then. I also like Bowser, Ike, and the Pits. There are also a lot of characters I want to get good at, but I haven't put enough time into.

Also, to introduce sort of a new topic into this thread, what're everyone's favorite stages?

My favorite Smash 4 3DS stage is Prisim Tower (I haven't played on Wii U enough to have a favorite stage yet), my favorite Brawl stage is probably Delfino Plaza (as you can see, I like stages that are simple yet changing), and my favorite Project M stage is re-worked Green Hill Zone (it's a great stage for intense, close quarters fihgts, and it works well with my P:M mains (Bowser, Ike, Roy). Plus, Sonic music.) (We're allowed to talk about P:M in this thread right). While I haven't played Melee in quite a while, my fav stage from that game has to be Fountain of Dreams, between the music and the visuals and the simple yet fun layout. And who cares about Smash 64 lol.

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