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Default Names For Kittens

SO ME AND MY BROTHER MIGHT BE GETTING A KITTEN FROM MY COUSIN <3 because their kitty is preggo. Oddly enough. So we need to think of a cute name for him/her!

I like Tony Pyjamas but my brother doesn't. I want like a crazy mobster cat, you know? And he's all like BUT CATS ARE CUTE HE/SHE SHOULD HAVE A PRETTY NAME :( :( :(

He wants to name him/her like, Mango or Chocolate or something. I think he wants to eat the kitten.

SO GUYS WHAT DO YOU THINK WE SHOULD NAME OUR KITTEN? Keep in mind this will be the first pet we've had since our hamsters left to join the choir invisible. Yeah, we've only ever had hamsters. And we might not get one because our parents are mean :<

Also this might convince Stephen to join and be like NO TAILSY'S STUPID >:( and he might stop being so anti-social idk.
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