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Default Re: How did you find out about this site?

Originally Posted by Butterfree View Post
Hahahaha I never knew that. How did you even stumble upon my Neopets profile? Was I ever doing much on Neopets that'd lend itself to stumbling upon?

As for me, well, I woke up one morning and realized suddenly I had this Pokémon website, obviously.
I'm thinking yeah, finding you first on Neopets was unlikely, although I cruised a lot and found tons of random people, so if you mentioned you liked pokémon on your profile, and your site, I might have seen it from there. I think what's most likely is I saw you on FFN, and there was a link to the site in your profile, and then your About page mentioned you had a Neopets account (or you posted some news or whatever about doing something on Neopets) and I went to track you down.

I really wanted to go through my old Neomail to find that hilarious message I sent to you gushing about stuff, both to see whether that came before/after I sent you my first review on FFN and for the cringe at teenage-me, but apparently I updated my account a bit when I logged in last year, and now I don't know my password and can't get into the ancient e-mail account I used to sign up. *angrily slams hands on table*
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