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Default Re: Referee Headquarters

Eh.. I haven't reffed in months..

1 pokémon at a time
DQ: 1 week
DC: 30%
Restrictions: Healing moves restricted to three per battle. Same with chills.
Arena: A clearing in Viridian Forest. A fairly simple battlefield, with thick grass and the occasional rotted tree stump, bordered by dense, gnarled trees.
Notes: No bonuses or restrictions as a result of terrain.

Negrek's Pokemon: OOX
Ability: Trace [Static]
Health: 100%
Energy: 92%
Status: Fresh; Toxic [0%] starting to seep in
Chills Used: OOO
Commands: Conversion 2 (ground) ~ Protect ~ Facade

Weathermaster's Pokemon: OOO
Health: 33%
Energy: 51%
Status: Toxic [7% each round]; Happy, but feeling the power of toxic
Chills Used: OOX
Commands: Thunderbolt ~ Ice Punch / Psychic ~ Fire Punch / Psychic

Obviously being the faster of the two Sparky races in for the attack, generating a dangerously large amount of electricity. Hetagon, on the other side of the clearing, doesn't seem to be doing anything- on the outside. Inside his digital core and spreading outwards are hundreds of thousands of tiny molecules rearranging themselves to change Hetagon into another type. Sparky then launches his Thunderbolt attack, and the large sphere of electricity crackles wildly as it speeds through the air. As Hetagon's last few molecules align themselves with its fellow molecules the Thunderbolt comes out of nowhere and strikes Hetagon. Watching from the opposite side Sparky has a puzzled look on his face- the Porygon didn't seem to be affected at all and his Thunderbolt seemed to have completely disappeared! Hetagon has on a digital smile as his molecules revert to their original forme and his biological makeup returns from Ground to Normal.

As the rain pours down upon the opponents Hetagon knows what's coming next and forms himself an invisible force-field. Only if you look closely then you can see the rain sliding off the border of the Protect, but Sparky is too far away to observe the phenomenon. As the temperature drops in his fist frost begins to form upon it and the rain that pours upon his fist quickly turns to ice. The Elekid swings his arm back and sprints full speed towards the motionless Porygon. The apathetic look upon its face enrages Sparky even more, which gives him strength as he brings his Ice Punch forward. His attack is repelled by the invisible Protect, and Sparky is forced backwards onto the dirt. He curses Hetagon in his native Elekid language but Hetagon doesn't seem to give a schnade.

Enraged, Sparky tightens his fist as its temperature soars and steam rises into the cloudy skies. Soon, his fist is enveloped by a weak but noticeable flame, which slowly but steadily grows larger. However, the rain is sure to keep its promise as it continually puts out straying bits of flame. Hetagon's owner quickly takes advantage of this, seeing that the Fire Punch won't do too much to her Porygon. Hetagon receives his commands and at once begins to focus the pain of the poison into his Facade. Although he does his best not much rage from pain accumulates, so it'll just have to do. He charges forward, just as Sparky throws a Fire Punch at the Porygon. As both attacks weren't at their full potential the impact didn't cause much of a collision but nevertheless both opponents were dealt damage by the opposing attacks. Sparky lays on the ground, too irritated and exhausted to get up just to stare into the face of the emotionless Porygon in front of him. He flinches as just now he feels the poison eating away at his body and he sits upright, to see Hetagon suffer from the same affliction. The rain beats down upon their bodies, but does show signs of lessening up.

Negrek's Pokemon: [OOX]
Ability: Trace [Static]
Health: 96%
Energy: 85%
Status: Toxic [1%] somehow laughing at Sparky, but also a little short of breath.
Chills Used: [OOO]

Weathermaster's Pokemon: [OOO]
Health: 29%
Energy: 34%
Status: Toxic [7% each round]; too tired to be enraged, and aching all over.
Chills Used: [OOX]

Arena notes-
Rain Dance in effect [2 more turns]
Negrek issues commands next round.
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