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Default Re: Referee Headquarters

Because I haven't nearly enough time to try out for Elite, I'll try Advanced. It's not my best, but I might as well try.

PFU scales used, so don't hate me too much.


Lady Jax (OOOO)
Mr. Mime [Male]
Health: 86%
Attacks: Protect ~ Calm Mind/Close eyes and ears ~ Hyper Beam
Status: Raised SA and SD (+1), 1 Clone.

Magmortified (OOOO)
Weavile [Male]
Health: 83%
Energy: 80%
Attacks: Night Slash ~ Swagger/Night Slash/Substitute ~ Psych Up
Status: Raised Attack (+2), Substitute (10%), Poisoned (2% - 4
% next round), mildly confused (40%).

Round 3

Warren, still slightly confused, staggers slightly for a minute. He raises one slightly hooked claw to his feathery head, and scratches slightly. But then the look of cluelessness vanishes, to be replaced by one of utter determination. His eyes, once staring in opposite directions, snap back to the Mr. Mime. He ducks down slightly, looking for an angle, before bolting at Marceau with everything that he has. He tries to avoid the patches of drying goo, slowing him down slightly. The substitute mimics its creator, weaving in and out of dry patches, but then stops abruptly as its creator vanishes. Marceau blinks. Confused, he tries to figure out what could have happened. He was supposed to grab onto the substitute, wasn't he? Just in time, something clicked. Focusing pure energy, and exerting it around him in a shimmering pink-tinted forcefield. Warren suddenly drops from above the waiting Mr. Mime, his hooked claws slamming down upon the shimmering dome. A shockwave runs throughout the forcefield from impact, but remains unchanged. Marceau and his somewhat forgotten clone breathe a sigh of relief as Warren, hissing and cursing, jumps back behind his Substitute.

The Weavile then changes his stance, from one of combat to one of relaxation. He stands upright, claws hanging loosely at his side, and a twisted smile spreads across his face. He stretches his arms, as if saying "what're you waiting for?", before letting his left arm hang limp. With his right claw, he curves it slightly. He mutters two words in his own tongue, but could have been understood by anyone; "bring it". The Mr. Mime remembers his master's orders as his face turns from pink, to a deep shade of red. Rage begins to cloud his mind, and he begins to feel new strength in his rarely-used muscles. His thoughts sway on revenge for a moment, but a bunny swims into his trail of thought, seemingly cutting off the anger. The Mr. Mime focuses on this as best he can, trying to calm himself down. Slowly, his face returns to its usual pink colour.

Warren, now having the Mime where he wants him, begins to alter his trail of thoughts. Reaching about, he tries to grab a hold of Marceau's mind-frequency. Having successfully linked his and Marceau's states of mind, he gasps slightly as the Weavile feels a surge of strength course through his muscles. Smiling, he opens his eyes to glance triumphantly at the Mime. But what should have been a threatening glare became a wide-eyed stare as he finally saw what Marceau had been preparing while the Weavile had closed his eyes. A shimmering ball of swirling colours was forming in the Mime's hands, and continually growing. Having been the size of a football when Warren had first laid eyes on it, it was now the size of a large Bulbasaur. Marceau grinned at the look of sheer horror on Warren's face, as the beam became uncontrollable. The collage of colours broke out of its ball-shape mould, becoming a wild beam instead, with a width that could have been that of a Mamoswine. As it coursed through the stadium, in a perfect straight line, both Warren and his substitute raised their arms to protect themselves. The Hyper Beam ripped through Warren's substitute immediately, and hit him with a force so tremendous that he was thrown off his feet and consumed. The beam keeps firing relentlessly, Marceau using every fibre of his will to keep it going. After what could have been longer, but was in reality only ten seconds, the beam began to thin until it became nothing. Marceau looked up, and was relieved to see that the Weavile was no longer there. The trail of destruction leads from Marceau's end of the arena, a great trench having been ripped out of the arena floor, ending between two of the pillars.


Lady Jax (OOOO)
Mr. Mime [Male]
Health: 86%
Status: Raised Attack, SA and SD (+1), 1 Clone. Tiring rapidly.

Magmortified (XOOO)
Weavile [Male]
Health: KO'd
Status: Unconscious and falling.

Arena Notes
- There is a giant trench running through the centre of the arena, from one end to the other, roughly one metre deep (varying) and 5 metres wide. The pillars either side of the trench have been damaged slightly on the side closest to the attack, and could topple at any moment.

Ref's Notes
- Since Marceau was using Calm Mind to rid himself of Confusion, no stat-boosts were added.
- Magmortified, feel free to send out your second pokémon.
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