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Default Re: DeviantArt?

I used to be on deviantART! I personally don't really like dA very much, but I do know that you can post basically whatever medium you want; last time i checked they had different categories for stuff. Fanart is also allowed and makes up a huge part of deviantART.
If you're worried about art theft, you can always opt to add a watermark when you submit stuff. submitting work to dA is actually a good way to have a kind of concrete place with the date of submission and copyright of a work (as opposed to tumblr, which can be a bit difficult to navigate). I personally have never had my artwork stolen, but I tend to be a bit sporadic with updates so I feel like I'm not that well-known enough.

edit: also I really hate their new logo, wowza. The old one was so simple! they could have totally rebranded without changing the logo. guh ok whatever
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