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Default Re: DeviantArt?

(I was going to start a new thread, but seeing how this is still the third most recent thread in this subforum...)

So I've been using deviantArt for a while, and while I like certain aspects of it, I'm not completely satisfied. It feels a little overwhelming to navigate and cumbersome to post art, but the community is nice.

Does anyone have any alternative sites for sharing art? I know some people use tumblr, but I'm not sure that's what I'm looking for. I might use Twitter as a supplement, but not as a primary sharing thing. I've heard Instagram is good for art? Not sure how well it works for organizing albums and whatnot.

What I really like is something like Patreon's feed. It's simple, can handle posts with or without art, seems easy to tag, etc. However, I'm not ready to ask people for money to see my posts and I don't think you can subscribe to someone's Patreon without paying!

I also like how Youtube channels can be organized. Not that that's at all applicable here, but maybe someone knows of something similarly organized?!

Any suggestions?
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