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Default Re: Anyone remember Buizel's Island?

Well, first Awardspace had a major crash on their free server. I was pretty mad, I complained a bunch in their forums. The server was down for at least a few months. And then when the server went back up, my site was gone. Apparently an admin deactivated it because of all the complaining -_-

So then I gave them a nasty review on some site, and I was contacted by an admin that I would get the site restored if I took down that review. Lo and behold they did it, but all my content was gone. If I just saved local copies this wouldn't be an issue. But I didn't, so rip. I guess wayback machine had some stuff, I could always try to cobble some of it together, lol. But I've mostly moved on with my life. I just kinda remembered this whole thing yesterday and got a huge nostalgia wave.
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