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Default Re: Suikoden, or Why You Need to Play surskitty's Favourite RPG (image-heavy)

I just started a SuikoV file and got to where I meet Euram Barrows (skip to 1:45 or so), so in honour of Suikoden narcissists everywhere (yes, they DO have theme music, excepting Euram who is so narcissistic that he gets "Suddenly, It's Euram Barrows" instead), here is a post devoted primarily to Vincent de Boule and Milich Oppenheimer from the first game.

These are our friends the narcissists! I don't know the artist; I found the fanart on the Let's Play I linked. From left to right: Milich, Simone (who is in the second game), Vincent, Esmeralda.

Of course, you already knew that, didn't you? One simply must recognise their ... innate qualities.

Particularly when they're trying to get out of paying the bill for their lunch.
He has a point, you know.

The translators forgot his name. :(

At the beginning of the game, you can go into Milich's house! He has, among other things: "Lame tuxedo", "Rainbow-colored pantaloons", "Fruit-printed tie", "Pink boots", "Leopard patterned cape", "See-through body suit", "Negligee", "Elegant party dress with peacock feathers". I would post a cap of him in the beginning of the game, but he's not that interesting right then and honestly if I start up a new file again I'd rather look up whatever Sonya says right at the beginning. I never remember that you can go to her house then.

He's on a fucking dragon.
He has fucking roses.
And he has fucking great stats.

idk, I just think maybe if I post enough caps people will tell me they're playing.
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