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Default Re: Suikoden, or Why You Need to Play surskitty's Favourite RPG (image-heavy)

Originally Posted by enekoiru View Post
I've not played II at all, nor have I watched much of III being played. But I trust my stepdad's taste and he played III once, IV twice, and V at least four times. I started playing V the day before yesterday and I've just fled the castle; this game is awesome but takes forever to get the ball rolling. And then once it does it's down a cliff. P O L I T I C A L *~* I N T R I G U E and I have yet to go "you are so dumb" or "IT'S A TRAP"

Really? Cool. I knew there's a Japan-only PSP remake of I and II!
Yeah, they manage to avoid those moments for the most part because IT'S ACTUALLY LIKE YOU REALLY ARE THE PRINCE. I never finished recruiting the Stars of Destiny yet, now that I think about it. And I started playing it in July! This game can be pretty long, especially if you let it! Well, that and I haven't really been playing too much because... well, Life!

The duels are pretty cool too, thanks to motion capture and general awesomeness; Are we like an Asian country? Yes. Does our country and its history seem a little similar to China's? Yes. DO WE HAVE MARTIAL ARTS? OF COURSE. Oh yeah, and I'm sure you've noticed, but there's lots of orange, lol

And I heard about that remake. I think they were both on one UMD? I might look into that more soon.
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