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Default Re: Suikoden, or Why You Need to Play surskitty's Favourite RPG (image-heavy)

Originally Posted by Blaziking Loire View Post
I started playing Suikoden I once, and then I stopped. Then I started again, and I stopped. I should try to play it all the way through for once.
We are no longer friends.
Originally Posted by Astral Fencer Aqua View Post
Yes! If it's one thing I like about Suikoden, it's the plot, and the fact that the major characters AREN'T complete idiots most of the time! Just make sure to keep your eye on the Barows! It's pretty obvious they're plotting something, I mean, if the fact that your companions are already weary of them to begin with isn't a clue lol >.>
Except for that bit in I where they go attack Scarleticia the first time! DON'T TRY YOUR LUCK, GUYS.

Well, Luserina doesn't seem to be too up to something ... but yes Salum and Euram are definitely ... themselves. Man I want Frey to just hit Salum over the head. It'd be like playing bowling. Except with him as the ball. ... wonder what Euram's good for. Cleaning toilets? Being a very bad star of destiny if you're unfortunate enough to skip Eresh?
Originally Posted by Astral Fencer Aqua View Post
Haha, it is pretty obvious they're the same person. I don't wanna let Lyon die anyway! She's probably not one of the best in the game, but aside my protagonist, her with Richard, Belcoot, and two random decent spellcasters, my current formation's pretty good!
Hey, Lyon is way less domestic. And she's got an angstier backstory. That makes her a separate person, sort of. ... ... ... I wonder if Gremio and SuikoI Sarah are related or friends or something. They're both blond and spend their time doing laundry. And from Kirov!
Originally Posted by Astral Fencer Aqua View Post
Urgh, that orange kinda hurt my eyes. The red looked much better, but I mean, the tights led me into thinking he was a she when I first saw the box >.>
He's not that gender ambiguous to me! ... Just has supremely bad taste.
Originally Posted by Astral Fencer Aqua View Post
omg, yes the war sequences are AWESOME <3 Just... don't do what I did lol; when I got to name my army, I didn't think the name would include 'The' by default, so my army name is "The The Red Lynx Army". Thankfully I kept the same in mind for my fortress lol
I have no idea what I will name my army :< I've just rescued Lucretia Merces and her lesbian lover, so. (... Lelei didn't NEED rescuing, but Lucretia did, and that nearly counts.) Man, Lelei pretty much redefines homoerotic subtext in Suikoden.
Originally Posted by Astral Fencer Aqua View Post
Suiko2's protag used tonfas, and was pretty cool. He even had an awesome Union attack with his sister lol.
Those are two smaller sticks, not one big stick.
Originally Posted by Astral Fencer Aqua View Post
Grr. If there's anything I hate about developers and publishers, it's that they tend to keep the good games Japan exclusive. I mean, that was part of the incentive for me to start studying Japanese, but still! It's like how Capcom ported both Mega Man Legends and Breath of Fire III to PSP, but never gave us the handheld ports! THEY SUCK SO MUCH, BUT WE LOVE THEM ANYWAY

Speaking of which, do you know what Lu says instead of 'noob'?
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