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Default Chemist1422 vs Panini

Chemist1422 vs Panini

Originally Posted by Chemist1422 View Post
Format: 3 v 3 single
Style: Switch
DQ: One week
Damage Cap: 40%
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKOs, Perish Song, Super Fang, Endeavour, direct healing
Arena Description: ASB Central Stadium

Although designed to be a state-of-the-art battling facility and located at the very heart of ASB Central's battle district, ASB Central Stadium actually sees very little use. Most battlers prefer the infinite variety of the holodrome's simulated arenas to the basic, if impressive, stadium field, and official tournaments tend to feature tours of other regions rather than a homefield brawl. There's nothing much to say about the battlefield: it's a large, rectangular arena covered in astroturf. A circular pool will open in its center if a Pokémon requiring water to move around in is sent out. In this arena, Pokémon can summon absolutely anything they need for their attacks: tidal waves, boulders, and so on are in ready supply.
Chemist1422's active squad

treecko Dew the male Treecko <Overgrow>
shinx Amp the male Shinx <Intimidate> @ Bright Powder
solosis Jade the female Solosis <Magic Guard> @ Quick Claw
lotad Baton the female Lotad <Swift Swim>

Panini's active squad

fennekin Ceridwen the female Fennekin <Blaze>
taillow Bilius Whipplesnip the male Taillow <Guts>
staryu Kepler the genderless Staryu <Illuminate>
trapinch Oconnell the female Trapinch <Arena Trap>
shinx The Fresh Prince the male Shinx <Intimidate>

Turn order (this was randomized!)
  1. Panini sends out a Pokémon
  2. Chemist1422 sends out a Pokémon and posts commands
  3. Panini posts commands

Let me know if you have any questions on how to play! You can look at other battle threads for examples of commands; the most basic form is just move 1 ~ move 2 ~ move 3. You might want to give conditional commands if you're the one commanding first since you don't know what the other person is going to do. Those are like "use move A, but if your opponent is Protecting then use move B instead" and you would write the command string like move A / move B ~ second command ~ third command. I recommend just starting with whatever commands you feel like giving and not worrying too much about strategy; you can try out more complex things later on!
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