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Default Re: [15] Superbird vs surskitty (ref: Mai)

Team Superbird - O

[Skiddo] (F) <Sap Sipper> @Oran Berry
Health: 100%
Energy: 87%
Status: Glad to finally manage to Brick Break all those bricks 'til they broke.
Commands: Worry Seed ~ Dig + Horn Leech/(Horn Leech ~ Horn Leech)

Team surskitty - O

[Tyrunt] (F) <Strong Jaw> @Oran Berry
Health: 84%
Energy: 86%
Status: Simply incredulous.
Commands: Hone Claws/Ice Fang/Stone Edge ~ Hone Claws/Ice Fang/Stone Edge ~ Hone Claws/Ice Fang/Stone Edge

As time passed, confusion prevailed amongst the two battlers: the battle seemed to be at a standstill. Eventually, one of them spoke up and commands were given along with a brief apology from the first commander. And then they waited again. The rental Pokémon, itching to execute their orders, began to fidget in place. (It was pretty awkward.)

Finally, the referee came running into the plaza, a little winded. After a few minutes of apologies, the battle began again.

Skiddo, at least, was ecstatic and ready for action. She began charging at Tyrunt immediately, another seed growing out of her collar and ejecting itself onto the small dinosaur. The seed landed on Tyrunt much easier than the last, digging down in her skin and spreading tiny, threadlike roots. It began to instill a deep worry in the tyrunt: what was Skiddo doing? What was that seed capable of? All she knew was that needed all these seeds off, but the seed itself sunk into her skin and left no visible trace. So creepy. Still distracted, she began to tear up the pavement in an attempt to fulfill her orders; maybe if she beat up Skiddo, she would feel better? She kicked up some cobblestones, but tripped as she sent them flying and the skiddo pranced giddily away, easily dodging all of them. That didn’t make her feel much better at all, and the sting of the leech seed acting again threw more salt in the wound.

The skiddo, meanwhile, was pretty happy about it. And the torn-up cobblestones were easier to dig in, she realized, quickly tunneling under the pavement. She was safe there. Tyrunt, meanwhile, grunted inappreciatively; the tunnel wasn’t that deep, but she figured there was no way she could land a stone edge from where she was. So she set herself to sharpening her claws instead; the repetitive action made her feel slightly better about the queasiness the seed instilled in her, acting as a calming stress relief.

Skiddo, having dug a significant tunnel under the plaza, figured it was time to come back up. She turned in place and charged back up aboveground, landing and jabbing Tyrunt with her horns. Glowing a bright green, they began to leech more health off the anxious dinosaur—panicking at the sight of more creepy health-leechy things, Tyrunt flailed and kicked up another stone edge in response, knocking Skiddo back and preventing her from sapping any more of her health. But immediately after, the leech seed twitched for the third time that round and drained the frustrated dinosaur’s health, transferring it over to Skiddo. The little goat made a happy bleat at the small sensation of relief; she clearly felt satisfied in the events of the round.

Team Superbird - O

[Skiddo] (F) <Sap Sipper> @Oran Berry
Health: 85%
Energy: 72%
Status: Amused.
Commands: Worry Seed ~ Dig + Horn Leech

Team surskitty - O

[Tyrunt] (F) <Insomnia> @Oran Berry
Health: 66%
Energy: 74%
Status: Frustrated, but satisfied that she finally got to hit Skiddo. +2 attack, +1 speed, and +1 accuracy. Leech seeded.
Commands: Stone Edge ~ Hone Claws ~ Stone Edge

Sorry, everyone. ;_; Things should flow a bit more smoothly from now on.

I added 50 base power to horn leech for the combo. The original dig had the extra energy charge for executing “in one action,” and another 3% for being in a combo, since otherwise the combo wouldn’t be able to execute. It looks a bit odd in the move-by-move calcs (horn leech’s energy cost looks extremely low because I gave it the base power increase without charging for energy – that’s accounted for in dig’s high energy cost), but as a whole the combo dealt 15% damage (STABed, as in this case the dig was just giving horn leech extra momentum), cost 13% energy, and recovered 8% health—or it would have, if skiddo wasn’t at 100% health at the time. So the healing didn’t help with getting hit with stone edge after; only the last leech seed did.

Superbird already commanded first; surskitty commands second.

Worry seed: 2% energy.
Stone edge: 0% damage, 5% energy. Accuracy roll 100 (needed 80 or above to miss).
Dig: 0% damage, 10% energy.
Hone claws: 2% energy.
Horn leech: 15% damage, 3% energy. Crit roll 67 (needed 95 or above to activate).
Stone edge: 16% damage, 5% energy. Accuracy roll 54 (needed 90 or above to miss). Crit roll 61 (needed 90 or above to activate).

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