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Default Re: Rate The Video Game Song Above!

Originally Posted by Male Gardevoir View Post
And since you're wondering, the scene with the song I posted can be found here.
I lol'd.

Anyway, eh... 6~7/10? It's kind of repetitive and... I dunno, somehow quiet? I'd assume this is an epic final boss of the game thing, judging from the name of the track. I've heard so many good things about Chrono Trigger and was kind of disappointed in this. It wasn't very engaging to me. It's probably a more fun song during the actual battle, though.

Has this been posted?
Theme of Simon - Castlevania Bloodlines
Sega Genesis version of the game. Someone needs to make a metal cover of this song and do it right. (like this injected with 0:23 of this)
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