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Default Re: The Fakedex Collab Club

I totally misread this as thinking it was a response to (sorry my internet has been playing havoc today so I got distracted easily)

Where would I post a "help wanted"? Would definitely like to post one.

I only had a very short OP b/c I wanted it to be short and simple rather than a wall of text, I thought it would be effective, but I guess I'm wrong. Since virtually all the detail thusfar beyond the pokemon themselves is only relevant for a competitive player there didn't seem much to say.

I'm not so sure how useful a TCoD usergroup or something could be for it. There's only this thread / the posts in kungfu's thread to keep a track of on TCoD. All design-related things can have a place on the original forum and once it's designed and implemented then any further discussion will go on Pokemon Perfect. I'm not sure what I'm using this for other than trying to get people interested.

About: Species Name / Location / Moveset / Abilities / Evolution Methods etc.

Movesets and Abilities are covered under each Pokemon's thread because they're competitively relevant. If they're not competitively relevant they're nowhere to be found because it's not important to the project and noone has shown any interest in it or thought that we should have it other than you and to an extent kungfu. If having that sort of information would be useful or would help get people involved I would definitely put effort into doing all of it (it sounds fun to me). That sort of detail could definitely be kept on each Pokemon's thread and in the future we could have a wiki of some kind (my friend, who designed the online BAMDex could probably do such a thing). But a wiki would be a long time in the future, it's not too important compared to getting it running on a simulator / getting artists involved.

As it stands we have ~2/3 of the pokemon concepts designed to the point of could be used on a simulator which is why there's lots of focus on getting artists involved now: if they wanted to have any of their own unique designs involved, if I started looking any later they wouldn't have an opportunity to.

There has been a little thought onto making Pokemon that fill a certain role in a region [e.g. we have starters and pokemon for most environments already] but it hasn't been explicitly set out since there's no goal for having this actually be playable on cartridge in any way so if our pokemon don't actually fit nicely onto a region that's not really an issue.

Btw thanks so much for the response!!

struck through my original response b/c I spent ages crafting it... ehm

I dunno if maybe you could leave me a response on my thread in advertising b/c I've got a much more precise aim but I tagged into here b/c I thought it might help get people interested...
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