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Default Re: ASB Quests

Sorry about the mega evolution thing. I obviously hoped to have the mechanic worked out before anyone got to that stage, but I'm waiting on some material that was put together earlier on the topic since I think the mod team had a more or less fleshed out implementation ready to go. One way or another there should be discussion on that starting up soon, and then hopefully it won't take too long to work out an implementation that's at least battle-test-ready!

I'll also control Charizard and Blaziken for that battle.

Originally Posted by Superbird View Post
Oh, and another thing I actually wanted to bring up. Should the Quest Pokémon start with some accumulated EXP (say, they're assumed to have at least 8 EXP, so they get the corresponding bonus damage)? Treating them as if they're inexperienced kind of seems silly to me.
That's a good point! I'll add that.
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