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Originally Posted by Sandstone-Shadow View Post
Does Uproar wake up any Pokemon already asleep?
If we're going by the games' logic, then yes it does.

Originally Posted by Sandstone-Shadow View Post
If a Pokemon is forced awake from a Rest sleep (if that's even possible - not sure if there are any other moves that could potentially awaken a sleeping pokemon), what happens to the health restored? Does the Pokemon lose out on what it would have gained during the rest of sleep, gain it all at once, or gain it normally even though they're awake?
IIRC this depends on how Rest is reffed. Some refs make Rest recover health all in one go, while others split the recovered health over each action the pokémon is asleep (since Rest is always a three-action sleep). Fwiw the flavor text in the Database seems to encourage the latter interpretation, in which case the health gain stops abruptly when woken up, and however much has already been regained is what the pokémon is stuck with.

That said, I'm curious how this ties into the "resto chesto" strategy in the games, where you have the pokémon use Rest while holding a Chesto berry to restore all health in one go. A ruling on that might be useful.
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