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Default Re: The "Fwee" Thread

Originally Posted by Stryke View Post
About a year ago I was in eighth grade and kinda half-a**ed my way through most of the stuff I did in school: I procrastinated a lot, I wasn't in any non band related clubs (aside from the Book Club but we had like 4 or 5 members and hardly ever met so it barely counts), and I just had almost zero initiative with anything school related; I was pretty much a classic underachiever, and it didn't get me too far. Now, though, a year later, my life has taken a U-turn; I try to put some effort into my schoolwork and I always have some new plan to go above and beyond, from planning out a school wide Super Smash Bros tournament with my friend, or organizing a Lego Robot battle Royale across all the classes of my computer class. Anyway, TL;DR is, somehow (I have no idea how), I've turned from an underachiever to almost an overachiever, and it's given me a really positive outlook! :D

(Also, unrelated, but does anyone think this thread and the Grr thread are getting a little too long? Both of them are around 200 pages, and it always takes an absurd amount of time to load them whenever I go to them, so maybe it'd be worthwhile to lock them and start new ones again?)
That's awesome, Stryke! Glad to hear it! :D
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