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Default Re: The "Fwee" Thread

Originally Posted by Stryke View Post
I'm trying out for my high schools most advanced band tomorrow. However, my band director seems to think I'd be better suited towards the second most advanced band, which would normally be fine, except that if he puts me there, I will have to transfer from the morning session of a STEM program I attend for half the day to the afternoon session, which means leaving all of my very good friends in the morning session, which I have a VERY strong aversion towards doing. So, theres a lot riding on this audition, which means I've got to really work my a** off to make my audition the best it can be... But I'm not sure if my best will be good enough, which has got me very nervous.

Oh, and as a final cherry on top, my main competition is a sophomore, and I'm a freshman, and there's likely only going to be one spot available. So if we both do equally good, it will very likely come down to seniority, which means curtains for me. So, not fun.
I MADE IT IN!!!!! I can finally stop stressing about making it in and start being excited about what it'll be like!!

Oh, and also, I was one of only three freshmen who made it in for next year, AND the thing about only one tuba slot was a non issue, because me and that sophomore both made it in, so I'm practically on Cloud 9 right now!!!
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