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Default Re: OTPs/NoTPs

I don't ship much at all. There are some I can understand more than others, and ones that I'm tired of seeing brought up but don't actually dislike.

However I am prone to people pointing out that a ship is possible within canon which leads me to notice it more in the actual show. An example of that kind is Mugi/Sawako in K-ON.

Then there's ships that make so much sense that I didn't have to know that it was a thing to know that it was a thing. Like Luigi/Daisy. I don't think there's any canon backing that up but it's so obvious. Not sure what Luigi did to merit two statues of him built on Daisy's circuit. (Side note: if Daisy's circuit is owned by Daisy, which if it isn't it makes even less sense for those statues to be there, does that mean it's in Sarasaland?)

Then there's ships that definitely aren't a thing in canon but it's still obvious that people ship them even though I haven't seen people ship them. This is either because the dynamic between the characters is adorable and/or because they have annoy each other all the time or are enemies. Examples of this kind are Spock/McCoy from Star Trek Bashir/Garak from Star Trek DS9.

Then there's real life shippings! I shipped two of my lecturers in my first year. Not sure why, it just popped into my head one day and I found it hilarious.

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