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Originally Posted by sv_01 View Post
Doctor ♠ Daleks (Big ship here. The Master is no competition because the Doctor doesn't hate him that much.)

I definitely don't ship obviously incestuous stuff. Why do people even ship the Latis as lovers?
I ship the Doctor and a Dalek SO MUCH-----
Anyway, I also love:
Derpy WhoovesXDoctor Whooves
PerilXClay (Wings of fire)
OakXBlue (Warriors)
EDIT: Just gonna add this:
DoctorXMaster -runs away-
Rose went away, so the Doctor is blue. Ask Donna, “Where’s the Doctor?” She’ll reply, “Doctor Who?” Sarah Jane, Martha, and now both the Ponds had their fun with the Doctor and now they’ve all gone. So ask me again why the TARDIS is blue: There’s a sad man inside, with both hearts torn in two.

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