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Default Re: Happy Birthday, Butterfree!

It is this time of year again, isn't it.

So once again, the annual Butterfree poem:

Bachuru, Bachuru, webmaster so great,
who created this forum we appreciate,
becomes twenty-four on this splendid day.
May this year be better than before,
and enjoy your time as a level twenty-four.

(P.S, if you were a Gible, today you would turn into a Gabite)

And now a poem for Negrek, freshly composed:
Happy birthday to Negrek, who has plenty to boast,
webmaster of the beautiful page, called Thousand Roads,
what a glorious year for Neg this shall be,
with the rebirth of their baby, who is called ASB.

But really, happy birthday to both of you!
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