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Default Re: Gen 7 Predictions...

Originally Posted by Superbird View Post
That's a great point. It would be really interesting to see them do something B/W-ish, where which game you get determines which side you're on, and you go through the region in the opposite order. Your rival fills the same position as you but for the enemy's side, and it's over some sort of ideological conundrum.

On one hand, that would be significantly more story-driven and therefore would maybe take away from the traditional essence of pokémon. On the other hand, it could also be like B/W in that the final boss isn't the Champion -- they could make all the gym battles (or at least half of them) postgame or something, and only after that do you get to fight the e4 and champion, who are at level 70 or 80.

As for the legendary pokémon, both sides on the war each have the boxart legendaries already in their possessions, and the player gets to catch the enemy's legendary in the postgame (like Kyurem in B2/W2). And that would also leave room for a third-game legendary, which would likely be based on the Strange Souvenir thing you get from that backpacker in X/Y.

...heck, that's fangame material. I doubt Game Freak would depart from the formula enough to do something that breaking, but then again gen 5 did set precedents for more plot and other formula variations. Worth hoping for, I guess.
Fangame material shmam game material. It would have been fangame material that the topic of Pokemon ethics was even brought up, let alone made a plot point, until Gen V. Game Freak broke from the formula by switching from sprites to models in the current Gen, I don't see why they couldn't do something more different next Gen. It isn't like it would make or break the series to veer off a bit from the formula, or at least experiment. Then again, they might not do this in Gen VII seeing that Nintendo is pretty much banking on the 3DS with the Wii U being in its less than profitable condition. Oh money, how you love to ruin things(which could totally be part of the plot in a political Pokemon game).
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