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Default Re: Tcod Plays Sburb

Edward sat in his bed, staring at the envelope. Should I open it? He decides to listen to that Spume guy. He seems like he kind of knows what he's talking about. Speaking of him, Edward sees his coffin blinking. He stalks over to it, sitting in the chair with his legs spread wide apart, which seems to be one of the only comfortable positions that he can sit in.

**nocturnalEatery [NE] began pestering disconsolateSpume [DS]**
NE: uh hii
NE: whats wiith all thiis sbutt stuff or whatever

DS: oh, yt's monsyeur vampyre. to what do Y owe the pleasure?
DS: sbubble ys a game thyng symylar to the syms, accordyng to my sources. apparently, yt wyll also bryng about the apocalypse, accordyng to another.
DS: you should, yn theory, have gotten the beta by now. agnes, rory and Y already have yt. the rest, Y don't know. Y hyghly recommend you check your closest mayl recypyent for the arryval of the game.

NE: sounds fun
NE: ii wiill go do that cocoa powder boy
NE: thanks
NE: iit looks liike ii have a wiierd envelope wiith a messed up house on iit iis that iit

DS: yes, that ys the correct envelope. Y hyghly suggest you wayt further instruction from rory or someone who communycates you ynfo from hym. he's our current guynea- wayt.
DS: oh really
DS: really
DS: cocoa powder boy?
DS: you drink blood for pete's sake
DS: cocoa powder boy has lyke zero effect on me
DS: bring yt pretty boy
-- disconsolateSpume [DS] raises fists --

NE: oh okay well ii wiill ask rory about it
NE: and at least blood tastes good
NE: chocolate iis liike hardened poop
NE: just thiinkiing about anyone consumiing chocolate poop makes me want to go driink more blood to drown out the thought D:

**nocturnalEatery [NE] ceased pestering disconsolateSpume [DS]**

After that is over with, Edward realizes there is a hole in his ceiling. He doesn't think much of it, but then he looks down, seeing his knee burning. "AURGH!" He screams. He realizes that he was so buried in his computer, he let his knee get burnt. Now in a bad mood, Edward goes to get a little snack. He goes downstairs, and realizes how many holes are in his old shack. I'll fix them later, he thought. He grabs a rat lingering around his kitchen/slaughterhouse, and just takes a quick little suck from the tiny amount of blood it contains. He strolls upstairs, makes sure there aren't any more holes in his room, and stares at the floor until he begins daydreaming.
When he awakens, he realizes he forgot to talk to Rory. He opens up his coffin, and pesters him.
** nocturnalEatery [NE] began pestering somniferousPolymer [SP]**
NE: so uh ii dont talk to you enough do ii
NE: well anyways ii was told to consult you so do ii open the envelope or what
NE: because ii think ii should
NE: but ii can waiit

Well that's over with. He goes back to his daydreaming.

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