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Willow frowned. The response was taking longer than usual. Normally, she would have the patience to wait her friend out, but the anticipation was too much for her. She slipped in her server disc before her client one, hoping that no serious repercussions would result. The programs had finished installing by now, so she opened the server one. At worst, she might destroy someone's house; she felt that those repercussions weren't too bad.

Several familiar names appeared on the roster for candidates. Willow moved her mouse over each one, weighing her options. She hadn't realised so many people had started their clients already! Slightly ridden by guilt, Willow booted her own. The words "Waiting for server player" appeared in a black window, and a triad of periods fizzled in and out of the display.

With a swift click of the mouse button, Willow discarded her chat with Rory and opened a new one with her friend Landon. If she was lucky, Landon would allow her to be his server player. She had always wondered what went on in that house of his...

** phantasmalTendril [PT] began pestering disconsolateSpume [DS]**
PT: landon hey!!
PT: would you mind it so much if I were your server player???
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