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Willow moved her mouse around the screen, searching for an objective. The interface was reminiscent of the Sims, indeed; however, there were a few obvious differences. Such as the fact that she was looking at an actual person.

She found a list of four items, all of which seemed to be free of charge. ((OOC: If this isn't accurate, let me know? I can't remember how much all of these cost)). They all seemed to be large, however; Willow couldn't fit them in the house as it was. She did see a prime potential location, however...
** phantasmalTendril [PT] began pestering disconsolateSpume [DS]**
PT: landon hey!!
PT: would you mind it so much if I were your server player???

DS: Y belyeve the answer ys no Y wouldn't mynd? dyd y do yt ryght?

**disconsolateSpume [DS] got hijacked by laconicLumberjack [LL]**
LL: /D nope wouldn't mind
DS: layla what the fuck thys ys very rude
LL: /D You're not the boss of me, Landon.
DS: Y was born fyve mynutes before you, Y thynk that's enough
LL: /D That makes no difference.
DS: *ahem* So! wyllow, whych dysk do Y put yn my computer?
PT: whoa a new person!!
PT: hi my name is willow!!!
PT: i dont think ive met you before but im guessing youre the twin ive heard so much about???
PT: at any rate i think the client one is the one you should put in though i recommend you put in both to save yourself the hassle later!!!
PT: neither of them do anything unless you tell them to and they take a while to boot so you might as well start them both now!!

DS: so Y put the dysk yn my computer
DS: what now
DS: and yes thys butt stayn of a human ys my syster
DS: wyllow layla, layla wyllow. there, now we all now each other.

LL: /D Will my aviary be unharmed??
DS: stop wyth the byrdcage dammyt
DS: we're goyng on an adventure

PT: what affectionate siblings!! :D
PT: well after setup is done it should let you search for clients or servers.......
PT: oh i see you!! hang on im going to click you.......
PT: whoa i see your house!! and both of you!! wait your mexican??
DS: my mexycan what
DS: Y'm not mexycan
DS: we're puerto rycan wyllow

LL:/D There is a huge difference. I don't know how you don't see it. Also, STOP LOOKING AT MY AVIARY. It's supposed to be a SECRET.
DS: so what now?
PT: oh whatever puerto ricans are basically mexicans that live in another country...
PT: i dont see an aviary probably because i have 30/30 vision and no glasses??? oh well!!!
PT: anyway i found a bunch of stuff i think im supposed to place but theres no room...
PT: could you maybe clear up your workshop layla???
PT: that might seem outrageous or something but its p much the perfect place to deploy this stuff and it would help a whole lot!!!!
PT: unless you can think of a more useless room!!

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