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((ooc: the punch designix costs 4 purple grist, the other three (Cruxtruder, Totem Lathe, and the Alchemiter are free.)

"Let's move your aviary, then."
"Are you insane?! No way! That's staying put. I suggest we just clear out that spare room full of bullshit we have."

The twins entered the room. It was filled with an astounding amount of crap: books, nails, expired cans of dog food, broken pens, creepyass dolls, and God knows what else.

"I'll take the books to my room. Is... is this one about... abortion?! Holy cow, how did this get here?!" Landon said.

"I think this belonged to the previous owners. Apparently, they were hoarders," replied Layla. "Look, nai- shit, these probably have tetanus or something. Throw all the unsalvageable stuff outside, the garbage men'll take care of it."

After successfully dumping the box of dolls outside, Layla noticed something weird in her aviary. Some sort of sound was coming out of it. She yanked the sheet off to notice a very colorful parakeet. Amazed at the sight, she locked the door so her new friend had no chance of escaping.

** phantasmalTendril [PT] began pestering disconsolateSpume [DS]**
PT: landon hey!!
PT: would you mind it so much if I were your server player???

DS: Y belyeve the answer ys no Y wouldn't mynd? dyd y do yt ryght?

**disconsolateSpume [DS] got hijacked by laconicLumberjack [LL]**
LL: /D nope wouldn't mind
DS: layla what the fuck thys ys very rude
LL: /D You're not the boss of me, Landon.
DS: Y was born fyve mynutes before you, Y thynk that's enough
LL: /D That makes no difference.
DS: *ahem* So! wyllow, whych dysk do Y put yn my computer?
PT: whoa a new person!!
PT: hi my name is willow!!!
PT: i dont think ive met you before but im guessing youre the twin ive heard so much about???
PT: at any rate i think the client one is the one you should put in though i recommend you put in both to save yourself the hassle later!!!
PT: neither of them do anything unless you tell them to and they take a while to boot so you might as well start them both now!!

DS: so Y put the dysk yn my computer
DS: what now
DS: and yes thys butt stayn of a human ys my syster
DS: wyllow layla, layla wyllow. there, now we all now each other.

LL: /D Will my aviary be unharmed??
DS: stop wyth the byrdcage dammyt
DS: we're goyng on an adventure

PT: what affectionate siblings!! :D
PT: well after setup is done it should let you search for clients or servers.......
PT: oh i see you!! hang on im going to click you.......
PT: whoa i see your house!! and both of you!! wait your mexican??
DS: my mexycan what
DS: Y'm not mexycan
DS: we're puerto rycan wyllow

LL:/D There is a huge difference. I don't know how you don't see it. Also, STOP LOOKING AT MY AVIARY. It's supposed to be a SECRET.
DS: so what now?
PT: oh whatever puerto ricans are basically mexicans that live in another country...
PT: i dont see an aviary probably because i have 30/30 vision and no glasses??? oh well!!!
PT: anyway i found a bunch of stuff i think im supposed to place but theres no room...
PT: could you maybe clear up your workshop layla???
PT: that might seem outrageous or something but its p much the perfect place to deploy this stuff and it would help a whole lot!!!!
PT: unless you can think of a more useless room!!

LL: /D Willow, we're done. Place those things. Let's get going!



ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha

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