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Default Re: Tcod Plays Sburb

Krinei saw where this was going. As Landon's patron troll, it was up to her to make sure this went well.

Pesterchum log
**blackoutInspector [BI] began trolling disconsolateSpume[DS]
BI: Ş, I +h+ r b+ + ś+r+. |:)
DS: *sigh: Y can't belyeve Y'm about to say thys but
DS: Y need your help
DS: lyke all of the machynes are deployed
DS: what now?
DS: one of the thyngs ys countyng down whych ys very worryyng. do Y do somethyng wyth that?

BI: Ňw mş+ ğt r řvēr płąŷř +ő p+ hāv bj+ j+ +h rğh+ płć.
BI: f+eř +h+, r křńlpr+ ẅłl b ř.
BI: Ţhţş whń +ř+ přő++pňg ūř pr+. |:)

Lemmy Kilmister

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