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Default Noctowl vs Ether's Bane

Noctowl vs Ether's Bane

Originally Posted by Noctowl View Post
Well, I will make a short and sweet one, just to get the ball rolling.

Format: 1v1 Singles
Style: Set
DQ: 1 week
Damage Cap: 35%
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKOs, Rest
Arena Description: A small forest, with a few ogres sleeping in some camps in little alcoves in the forest. They will tend to leave pokemon alone, unless directly attacked, then they will do 5% damage to the nearest pokemon and go back to sleep.
Noctowl's active squad

woobat Muffin the male Woobat <Unaware>
sandile Snap the female Sandile <Moxie> @ Lucky Egg
ralts Dementia the female Ralts <Synchronize>
gastly Spectre the female Gastly <Levitate>
pichu Sonichu the male Pichu <Static> @ Soothe Bell
lotad Happy the female Lotad <Rain Dish>
rattata TOPPERCENTAGE the male Rattata <Guts> @ Dread Plate
buizel Miles 'Tails' Prower the male Buizel <Swift Swim>
cubone Achilles the male Cubone <Rock Head>
goomy Lord Maximus the male Goomy <Hydration>

Ether's Bane's active squad

skarmory Milenko the male Skarmory <Sturdy>
miltank Cyrix the female Miltank <Scrappy> @ Leftovers
cryogonal Frost the genderless Cryogonal <Levitate>
durant Gulch the male Durant <Swarm>
drilbur Rift the female Drilbur <Sand Rush>
klefki Kallamehr the male Klefki <Prankster>

order: Ether's Bane sends, Noctowl sends and commands, Ether's Bane commands.
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