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Default Re: Noctowl vs Ether's Bane


[Snap] sandile (f) <Moxie> @ Lucky Egg
Health 100%, Energy 94%.
Condition: yummy didn’t come?
Commands: Protect ~ Fire Fang ~ Taunt


[Kallamehr] klefki (m) <Prankster>
Health 100%, Energy 89%, magnet rise (3 more actions).
Condition: clinking.
Commands: Toxic ~ Switcheroo / Play Rough ~ Play Rough

Round 2

After an embarrassing first round, the trainers again give commands and the ref motions for the next round to begin; and it does, with the klefki somehow procuring a blob of horrible disgustic goop and tossing it in the general direction of the sandile, where it would have hit if not for the sandile quickly erecting a barrier of the same sort as the klefki had used the previous round. The toxic waste fell to the floor, kind of ruining that piece of the ground for plant growth for probably a few generations.

No matter. Now the klefki sidled up to the sandile and surreptitiously lifted from it a certain very special egg its trainer had given it. … not that Snap didn’t notice, because it had intructions to pay that no mind! and retaliate! with teeth! on fire! directly into a metal keyring! very hard! … in retrospect, not the best execution ever, but it’d do.

Of course, now that the two were near … there was no need for the embarrassment of the previous round as Kallamehr again rushed in the direction of the sandile, this time actually meeting it with a surge of distinctively playful fairy energy.

Which, mind, didn’t stop Snap from ridiculing his performances extensively.


[Snap] sandile (f) <Moxie> @ Lucky Egg
Health 84%, Energy 86%.
Condition: not especially enthused about biting into a metal thing.
Executed: Protect ~ Fire Fang ~ Taunt


[Kallamehr] klefki (m) <Prankster> @ Lucky Egg
Health 85%, Energy 76%, taunted (3 more actions). Condition: clinking.
Executed: Toxic ~ Switcheroo ~ Play Rough

  • order: klefki (75), sandile (65)
  • critical hit fire fang
  • no, there is no penalty for biting into a metal keyring but like, it’s kind of amusing, have you every tried it?
  • magnet rise expired.
  • Noctowl, then Effercon, to command.
  • I am very rust so please tell me if I miss something important
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