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Default Re: Noctowl vs Ether's Bane


[Snap] sandile (f) <Moxie>
Health 84%, Energy 86%.
Condition: not especially enthused about biting into a metal thing.
Commands: Earthquake ~ Swagger ~ Substitute (15%)


[Kallamehr] klefki (m) <Prankster> @ Lucky Egg
Health 85%, Energy 76%, taunted (3 more actions). Condition: clinking.
Commands: Play Rough ~ Play Rough ~ Play Rough

Round 3

When the ref motions for the round to being, Kallamehr is itching to, er, rough the sandile up. Once again, he charges at her, glowing with fairy energy; meanwhile, Snap turns her tail to the ground and slams it to … remarkably little effect, leaving her slightly puzzled as to her trainer’s intentions.

Still unsatisfied, Kallamehr turns right back around and charges at Snap again, hitting her squarely in the back, and as he approaches, he hears her proclaiming her own superiority and accomplishments, and… well, rude.

Angered—not that he wasn’t before, but, well, still angrily—Kallamehr turns around again to charge in the general direction of the sandile.

And Snap smirks, because what he actually hit was a tree. Which looks kind of like a sandile, maybe, if you’re pissed and pissed in every way. Well, enough of the point-and-laugh show, she actually did have real work to do; so she poured a small amount of life energy into a simulacrum of herself and imbued it with a weak sense of purpose.

A sense of purpose which amounted to all of "PROTECT ORIGINAL", granted, but it was probably better than the klefki could have done, eh?


[Snap] sandile (f) <Moxie>
Health 36%, Energy 69%, substitute (15%).
Condition: actually still pointing and laughing, except no pointing because nothing to point with.
Commands: Earthquake ~ Swagger ~ Substitute (15%)


[Kallamehr] klefki (m) <Prankster> @ Lucky Egg
Health 78%, Energy 64%, +2 attack, severely confused (2 actions to moderate).
Condition: faceplanted into a tree, how nice.
Executed: Play Rough ~ Play Rough ~ Confused

  • order: klefki (75), sandile (65)
  • earthquake does not affect hovering things even without levitate. (mud-slap could have worked, but earthquake isn’t even a projectile)
  • that’s confusion failure on the third action, not merely a miss
  • I ended up adjusting this reffing halfway through to account for the change in effercon’s commandstring, so if there are any inconsistencies tell me.
  • I guess this is fast, but the price you’re paying for that is that my reffing is very crunchy and not very fluffy and not even very satisfying to me tbh. And, also likely to contain minor offage, since I’m still really rusty.
  • Effercon, then Noctowl, to command.

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